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How to Teach a Dog to Fetch

Tips and Training Your Dachshund

How to Teach a Dog to Fetch

So it's time to teach Fido how to fetch, but he just stares at you with his head titled to one side. You just threw a perfectly good toy yards away from the both of you. What do you do now? You've come to the right place to learn how to teach a dog to fetch. We'll show you how to get Fido retrieving like he's, well, a retriever.

In all seriousness, playing fetch is a great way to spend time with your pet. It's fun, your dog gets some good exercise, and the bond created between you and your pet will last a lifetime. So whether you're looking to mess around in the backyard or train Fido for the big leagues, here's how to teach a dog to fetch.

What Is Fetching?

Running golden retriever is going to catch the ball

Image by Katrin B. from Pixabay

​​Ah, a question that has baffled mankind since the dawn of creation. But no worries, we've cracked the code. It turns out fetching is actually just going to get something. Sort of like when you say you're going to the grocery store to “fetch” some Preparation H. Simple, right?

The connection between dogs and fetching probably originates with the dog's heritage of hunting. Long ago, we used them to fetch game after a well-placed projectile had dropped the animal. Eventually practice may have become play and play a pastime. Now you don't have to be a beagle to go after things; even the majestic Shih Tzu can join in the fun.

A fetch is sometimes called a retrieve. Put plainly, you throw a thing and then the dog gets the thing. Sure, it sounds easy, but when Fido refuses to grasp the ball or chase it or return it, you'll see just how complex it can get.

Are There Benefits in Teaching a Dog How to Fetch?

The Health Factor

The Fun Factor

The Behavior Factor

The Glory Factor

How to Teach a Dog to Fetch in Six Steps

brown and black dog biting yellow freebie

​Image Source Unsplash

So now that you know what fetching is and why it’s super important for your dog to know how to do it, it’s time to get down to business and finally learn how to teach a dog to fetch. You ready? Of course you’re not; this isn’t something you’re every really ready for. But now’s the time to take that leap of faith. You can do it!

Step One: Chasing

Step Two: Give Him Something to Work For

Step Three: Fetching

Step Four: Keep Him From Playing Keep Away

Step 5: Returning the Toy

Step 6: Choose the Right Toy


​​​​​​​​​Fetch is a dog's favorite pastime, and you owe it to your pup to learn how to teach a dog to fetch. To some dogs it'll come easy, but others might take weeks to learn. Still, it'll be worth it in the long run. Your dog needs exercise and a good time, and teaching him how to fetch might very well help him avoid troublesome behaviors and a number of nasty health problems. Some might even bring you unparalleled glory in the dog show arena. So show your dog a good time and take him out back with his favorite toy; he won't thank you for it, but he will be very, very happy.

Featured Image: Image by Sarah Kinsey from Pixabay




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