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Everything You Should Know About Raising A Dachshund Yorkie Mix


Everything You Should Know About Raising A Dachshund Yorkie Mix

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If you’re wanting a little Dachshund-Yorkie mix to adopt into your growing family, you’re actually looking for a “Dorkie”.

As if these little fur balls could get any cuter.

Dorkies are known as “designer dogs,” a crossing of two established breeds to create a mixed-breed puppy which displays the best characteristics of both parents.

When it comes to Dachshund-Yorkie mix puppies, the outcome is a short-legged, floppy eared, long-bodied, silky coat critter.

While designer dogs are unmistakably gorgeous, there’s also a lot of controversies that surround them.

As we mentioned, these dogs are bred for a specific purpose: to combine the best traits and qualities of two specific breeds.

However, unlike purebreds, many hybrid dogs aren’t seen as a valid breed and therefore have no registration papers either.

These designer dogs are popular due to their personalized beauty, as they are extremely expensive.

So before you head to the breeder to pick up your beloved little Dorkie, it’s important to know all the facts.

First, let’s really dig into the controversy behind designer dogs, why are they so frowned upon and fawned over.

​The Controversy Behind
Designer Dogs

two dachshund yorkie mix dogs on a leash

Purebred dogs are great because they’ve met certain breeding standards that help their traits and qualities become predictable.

In other words, if you invest in a purebred dog, you know what you’re getting, can plan for it months in advance, and have ample of research material to make sure your pooch is living his/her best life

However, one purebred pitfall is some breeders choose to practice inbreeding to accentuate or preserve specific features.

As we all know (or hopefully know), inbreeding is not just weird, but dangerous.

Dog breeds have become more susceptible to health concerns due to this practice which simply isn’t fair to the dog, their pups, or the person adopting and loving the pooch.

​Understanding Hybrid Vigor

dachshund yorkie mix sit still

People who support mixed breeds such as designer dogs believe the dogs carry a hybrid vigor.

This is how it works:

Hybrid vigor means they are healthier and stronger by having two entirely different parents. This makes them less likely to take on any genetic defects.

However, despite this belief, there isn’t enough scientific evidence to prove it.

When it comes to designer dogs, they’re bred individually to create certain traits, usually for a specific niche of dog owners.

However, designer dogs and mixed breeds, in that case, are risky since no one can guarantee the outcome. Also, hybrid offspring have a change of inheriting more traits from one of its parents, or one breed, than the other.

​Dog’s Safety Must Come First

two dachshund yorkie mix running on the sand

So, while hybrid pups continue to gain in popularity, there’s still a lot of backlash and skepticism behind the practice of crossbreeding from both the public and breeders. Whichever practice you prefer, it’s still important for the breeders to put the dog’s welfare in priority.

You can help make this happen by demanding the enforcement of proper breeding practices, asking and supporting the breeders who actually put the dog’s health first.

Your Dorkie: What To Expect

Okay, so if you’ve made it this far, chances are you’re set on purchasing a little Dorkie.

Let’s get to know them a bit more!

To do this, it’s best to look at the two separate breeds individually.

Dachshunds are smaller sized hounds which have been bred for hunting badgers. Therefore, this breed is fearless and carries a body that allows them to chase its prey in whatever burrow it faces.

Terriers (Yorkies) were originally bred for maintaining mouse/rat-free homes and farms. They were bred for hunting rats specifically in textile mills, however throughout time, they’ve been bred smaller to become a lap dog size.

Much like Dachshunds, Yorkies, are courageous and tend to bark often and consistently to warn their owners of threats, either real or imaginary.

​Behavioral Tendencies

dachshund yorkie mix is about to kiss his female owner

While designer dogs are usually created for their cuteness, understanding the individual temperaments of both breeds and parents is more important than an adorable face.

Usual temperaments for both individual breeds can hint at how a Dorkie may act, however, heredity factors will point towards how they’re socialized which seriously affects their overall behavior.

Dachshunds like to play all the time. They are loyal allies and will bark at any intruders in attempts to challenge them. They are also fantastic diggers, which should be noted during the training process.

Yorkies are also protective, however, they are more laid back and are happy staying by their owners’ side. Since both breeds tend to bark in attempted to protect their loved ones, they should be trained at an early age not to bark to avoid any challenges down the road.

The Dachshund is small but makes up for its size in personality. They tend to love the spotlight and carry a stubborn streak. They also love companionship and don’t do well being left alone for long lengths of time.

These little guys are also very protective of their toys are they are their owners, and it should be noted that they may bite if aggravated — even if the aggravator is a small child.

Due to the Dachshund’s hunting instincts, they may dig up your yard if you leave them alone.

The Yorkie is known to be affectionate and friendly and always looking for some type of adventure. They also don’t enjoy being left alone for a long time and may show this unhappiness through destructive behavior.

They can get along with other pets, however, are not suitable for smaller children as their fragility makes them sensitive towards teasing.

Why Dorkies Are Excellent Family Dogs

dachshund dog black brown

Despite the breeds being snappy when set-off, these little Dorkies are great family dogs.

They are smart and loving towards all members and will be faithfully loyal to the family through thick and thin.

However, as mentioned above, they’re not recommended for families with very small children. While some families have had no problems with their Dachshund-Yorkie mix, some may.

If you have a small child but still are looking to adopt a Dorkie, make sure your child is supervised when around the puppy.

While their small size makes them great apartment dogs, they do need a lot of exercise, fun activities and positive attention from the family.

​Dorkie Health Concerns

dachshund yorkie mix sitting on a grass

Both breeds that make a Dorkie live somewhere between 12 to 15 years of age. The average lifespan of a Dorkie is about 13 years, depending on health and disease.

As mentioned before, many people think that cross breeds are immune to issues dealing with health, however, that’s definitely not
a guarantee.

Dorkies may be prone to the Dachshund’s common back issues such as the intervertebral disk disease due to its special body shape. They also may be prone to patella luxation, hip dysplasia, and eye diseases as well as weight gain.

Yorkies between the ages of 5 to 8 months old are prone to hypoglycemia. They can also develop Legg-Perthes disease, liver shunt, retinal dysplasia, and collapsed trachea.

However, despite this long list of intimidating sounding diseases, there are no known health issues of the Dorkie.

However, that being said, they can develop skin issues and various allergies or inherit a disease from one or both parents.

Another issue to keep in mind is that Dorkies may inherit the Yorkie’s picky eating tendency.

However, overall, these pooches should live happily and healthily for years to come. Make sure you find a quality vet in your area to treat your Dorkie to regular clinic visits in case any diseases need to be addressed before they become too serious.

Loving your delightful Dorkie means putting health first.

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Final Points: Raising Your Dachshund Yorkie Mix

Dorkies are adorable, simply put.

While they do have a few behavioral “ticks,” if addressed at an early age, they can become manageable, making your Dorkie all the more lovable.

Knowing what your Dorkie needs and always putting those needs first will help ensure your Dachshund-Yorkie mix lives the best dog life possible.



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