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20 Cute Puppy Videos to Brighten Your Day

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20 Cute Puppy Videos to Brighten Your Day

20 Cute Puppy Videos to Brighten Your Day

Puppy in a sofa

If you’re anything like us, a long day at work ends in the need for a relaxing evening in front of the television with a book, or chilling with the family on that awesome patio you’ve been making perfect over the past couple of years.

Of course, if you’re at work, and just can’t take the insanity for a second longer, you might need a break, just for a couple of minutes. And that’s where these awesome and completely cute puppy videos come in.

Let the laughter and “ahh” begin.

20 Cute Puppy Videos That Will Make Your Day Better

Yawning dog with red collar

All right, get ready to giggle, ooh, and smile. These cute puppy videos are going to make your day.

1. A Passel Of Pomeranian Puppies

These adorable fluffballs are having way too much fun playing with each other in this completely delightful video. They’re in their playpen, bouncing and scuttling around like little madmen. Jumping, pouncing, bouncing, climbing, falling all over themselves – and they couldn’t be cuter. If you love poms, this is going to be one of your number one cute puppy videos.

2. A Cute Puppy Medley

This nearly eleven-minute video has it all. Pug puppies, puppies playing in piles of Autumn leaves, swinging golden retrievers, puppies playing with cats, cats giving sleeping puppies massages, Super-Pomeranians, and even snoozing French bulldog pups who’ll all steal your heart.

If you need some gentle, upbeat tunes, and lots of giggles, you’ll definitely enjoy this one.

3. These Samoyed Puppies Are Just The Cutest

If you love these snowy white cuddle factories we call Samoyeds, you’re going to love this video of little Luka, the 9-12 week old Samoyed puppy who loves playing ball, splashing in the mud, and making friends.  His adorable dreaming, playing in his water dish, and snuggling in his crate will win you over in an instant. Enjoy.

4. Dachshund Puppy Going Bananas

This ridiculously cute golden colored dachshund loves to chow down on bananas. And man, is it cute watching him hold the fruit, peel and all. Oh, my goodness. Just go watch for a quick pick-me-up for just a quick, adorable minute of your day.

5. Corgi Puppy Conquers The Stairs

If you’ve loved the Queen’s Corgis over the years, you’re going to love this incredibly cute puppy video following a Corgi puppy’s attempt down the stairs. He practically falls over himself the whole delightful way down. He’s so scared, yet so excited. And you’re going to love his sweet, excited little whimpers as he works up the courage, one carpeted stair at a time.

6. Give Me The Huskies!

Huskies are some of the most beautiful dogs in the world. And their puppies are just about the cutest possible. This video proves it. This little guy is ridiculously cute, having his first howl, asking to be let out of his playpen. And those eyes.

7. Puppy With Friends Snuggle Buddies

And who doesn’t love some interspecies friendship videos? Just look at these four buddies taking a chill on the couch together. What a gorgeous puppy, and cute kittens. Seriously, this puppy is amazing, and she loves her kitten buddies. Way too cute.

8. Golden Retriever Love

You can never have too many of these loyal pups. And this Golden Retriever compilation video will give a 12-minute fix for your day. From Golden Retriever puppies getting a drink at an outdoor faucet, to warning donkeys away from the front door, and from tail chases to getting caught with the lid up, these cuddly pups don’t stop the cuteness for even a second. There’s even a robot dog in here.

So, get some watermelon, grab a glass of ice water, and kick back for a few, watching these curious and playful pups.

9. Collie Chases Rabbit

One of the absolute cutest breeds of dogs in the world, Collies make for great entertainment and relaxation in video form. This funny Collie pup sees a rabbit, and he’s going to play catch with the family pet, no matter how high she jumps. Just watch out puppy, this funny bunny has some adorable tricks up her sleeve.

10. Other Kinds Of Babies

If you’re in for some major cuteness, check out this video compilation of not just dog babies, but human babies playing and interacting in some incredibly sweet and funny ways. Watch it, and try not to giggle, we dare you.

11. Watch A Beagle Grow Up

This sweetly created beagle puppy video follows the puppy, Marie, from eight weeks old to eight months. From play time to bath time, meals and mischief, this pup and her mama are the cutest pair ever. Watch them swim, snuggle, take on a ball pit, wrestle, and even get some Lady and the Tramp action going. These two are just too cute to handle.

Oh, and don’t forget that giant bone for burying in the backyard.

12. Weimaraner “Reese’s Pieces”

These sweet gray Weimaraner puppies are just ludicrously cute. You’ll see them exit their crate, spend some time in their playpen, explore their new house, and spend some quality time with mama. These nine beauties are so curious, so adventurous, so sweet. You’re going to love these little guys.

13. English Bulldog Siblings At Play

It’s playtime for these English bulldog puppies. The cuteness, oh, the cuteness. The awkwardness, the wrinkly skin, the tumbling attacks: just too cute. It’s a pretty short video, but so worth watching if you love this adorable breed and need a quick picker-upper.

14. Itsy Bitsy Chihuahua Puppies

Oh, the teeny, tiny cuteness of these Chihuahua puppies! The snuggles, the incessant tail wagging, and the toddling all in such a tiny trio of some of the cutest puppies alive. Make sure you watch their little ears as they take in their environment, trying to figure out what the world is all about while they waddle around.

15. Morkie Pups On The Loose

This video is super short, but it’s just about the cutest thing you’ll ever see. Two morkie puppies bound back and forth, playing with each other and their toys, and the cuteness is on overdrive. They’re just as cute running away as they are coming. You just won’t be able to handle it.

16. Jack Russell Mama And Her Four Pups

Talk about an overload of cuteness and energy! This Jack Russell mama and her puppies are just crazy. The jumping, the barking, the puppy yips, the ridiculous cuteness. You’ll love every second of this four-minute video, watching this mama engage and play with her puppies like few other breeds could.

17. Shiba Inu Pup Welcomes His Owner Home

If you love wagging curly tails, this video is a must see. This adorable little Shiba Inu pup can barely contain himself when his owner gets home. And the kisses and hugs are unending, though only the tail wag can beat out the rest of the energy of this adorable pup.

18. The Tiniest Of Dogs: A Teacup Poodle Puppy

This tiny teacup poodle video is short, but just about the cutest thing on the web. This pup is so adorable as she runs around, and gets cuddled up just with a single hand. The curly fur, the wide eyes full of wonder, and the itsy-bitsy paws will just melt your heart as you watch this adorable little puppy nearly fall into her water dish.

19. Puffballs And Coffee Cup Pomeranian Puppies

And in case you needed another ridiculously adorable compilation of Pomeranian puppies, this video is chock full of white puffballs, dogs doing yoga, and even puppies pulling cats away by the tail. One of the pups is chilling in a coffee cup, while another sings along with his toy.

20. Chow Chows Show Off The Cute Stuff

And if you’re still not cheered up enough, check out this cute puppy videos of two Chow Chow puppies and this second video we couldn’t include of this Chow Chow puppy who’s desperately trying to jump, but just ​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​c​​​​​​​​​a​​​​n​​​​’t do it.

Settle In And Enjoy

cute white dog in the seashore

You’ve got the list now, and you’re ready to relax and giggle your way out of the stress of your day. Don’t forget to cuddle up to your own fluffball, and see how your pup responds to these incredibly silly, delightful darlings. Who knows? Maybe your own pup will learn a trick or two from the clever pups in some of the compilation videos.



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