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Are You Looking For Cute Dog Videos? Then Check These Out

Cute Dog Videos

Are You Looking For Cute Dog Videos? Then Check These Out

White dog and her puppy in a lawn

There’s nothing more relaxing than a good cup of tea and a good laugh.

So, if you’ve had a hard day, you might want to go steep a cup of Rooibos, and kick back with these cute dog videos that will make you laugh, cry and just go “aww.”

Just be sure to turn up the volume, as a lot of these adorable pooches have a lot to say, or howl, as the case might be.

The Best Cute Dog Videos We Could Find

White dog in a seashore

Here’s our collection of the twelve cutest dog videos we could find on Youtube. If you’ve got your own furry pal, pull them close and snuggle up for some giggles, sighs, and just plain relaxation.

1. Funny Dog Compilation Video

If you’re looking for a great compilation video with some of the cutest dogs ever, there are tons to choose from. One of our favorites features puppies on treadmills, dogs playing with chickens, dogs chasing their tails, and even a dog who lets a kid know he’s not a fan of the trombone – this video has them all.

There are dogs playing in the snow, pups caught in the act, and those who help unload the car. There’s even a dog who finally caught his tail! If you need a good, clean laugh over some adorable pooches, this is your video of choice.

Video play time is 10 minutes and 18 seconds.

2. Chihuahua Compilation Video

Here’s a collection of ten of the cutest Chihuahua video clips of all time. It’s got snoozing puppies who howl, newborn puppies just being adorable, and a ridiculously cute Chihuahua who’s getting a bath and loves to swim. There’s a nuzzling howling puppy, teacup puppies playing in a show – yes, more than one in a single show – and a snoozing, cuddling chihuahua in a sweater.

If those won’t do it for you, try watching the puppy getting nursed with a bottle, three rolly polly siblings atop a bed, other puppies twitching as they dream, or a Chihuahua enjoying a massage. You’re sure to giggle, coo, or outright “aww” at these adorable small dogs.

Video play time is 4 minutes and 45 seconds.

3. Poodle Talk Video

Now, if you love Poodles, or just want to watch a ridiculous pup being silly, check out this video of this adorable Poodle as he shows his stuff. Watch as he adorably dries himself off after his bath, and contemplates his day. Swimming or breakfast? Which is better?

He goes through a series of adorable commands and lets his mama knows what he wants. It’s not the fastest paced video, but it is absolutely adorable watching this damp little Poodle interacting with his talkative mama.

Video play time is 4 minutes 25 seconds.

4. Crazy Poodle Video

If the last video was too slow for you, try out this silly short video of a very talkative, crazy Poodle. He’s got loads to say, even if we’re not entirely sure what it’s all about. This pup is ridiculously cute.

Video play time is only 27 seconds.

5. Very Funny Greyhounds Video

If you love Greyhound dogs and need a good chuckle, these pups will do the trick. From playing an odd sort of chase/tag/tug-o-war game in the first clip to a trepidatious pooch in booties coming down the hall, you won’t stop smiling.

There’s also tug-o-war showdown between a Greyhound and his master, complete with that adorable “I dare you” growl.

Video play time is 2 minutes and 34 seconds.

6. Funniest, Cutest German Shepherds Compilation Video

From a German Shepherd puppy confused by someone blowing on a bottle, to a full-grown Shepherd letting a mechanical know who’s boss, this compilation of video clips of German Shepherds of all ages is absolutely adorable.

There’s playtime for puppies, in so many forms, and the adorable head-turning of curiosity that German Shepherds are known for. Puppies wrestling will captivate, while tug-o-war with mom is always fun, and a dubious snack offering of vegetables will make you laugh. There’s one ridiculously adorable dog who places his paws in the water and drinks at the same time.

There are clumsy puppies, the cone of shame, and more in this video full of these gorgeous dogs.

Video play time is 10 minutes and 26

7. Silly Weiner Dog Compilation Video

You can’t have cute dog videos without including some Weenie dogs. Dachshunds are just the cutest dogs ever, and when they get in the spotlight, they crank up the cute.

In this video, you’ll see sausage dogs “driving” and racing in their wheelchairs. You’ll see Dachshunds playing wheelbarrow, getting stuck in sweatshirts, playing tickle attack, and even choosing their own toys from the store and run off with it.

One little Doxie’s afraid of balloons, while others go crazy over popping them.

Playtime for this video is 4 minutes and 7 seconds.

8. Crazy Morkie Puppy Video

Morkies are seriously one of the cutest breeds of dog you’ll ever see. And cute dog videos featuring these little fluffballs are about as cute as you’ll ever get. To get even cuter, pick Morkie puppy videos.

This ridiculously adorable Morkie pup is so cute, and cuddly, and friendly, and crazy. He’s got loads of energy – don’t you envy him? – and so much excitement. The tail wags, the barks, the pounces away – all make this one of the top choices for cute dog videos you’ll
find anywhere.

Be sure to watch closely, all the way to the end.

Video play time is 3 minutes and 39 seconds.

9. Cute and Funny Pug Compilation Video

When you just need a visual hug, check out this adorable set of Pugs, some of whom give actual hugs. There’s a ticklish sleeping puppy, an awkwardly dreaming dog, and a Pug facing down a tank. There’s a Pug who can hardly stand the wait on his Milkbone treats, three Pugs who can’t decide what they want to do, and a dog trying to figure out what’s going on with the toilet.

One dog gets all dolled up, while one pup goes to town on a pair of shoelaces. You’ll see so many cute Pugs in this compilation you won’t know what to do with yourself.

The play time for the video is 11 minutes and 33 seconds.

10. Dogs Welcoming Soldiers Home Compilation Video

Sometimes, you need that warm fuzzy of knowing that good things are happening in this world. This video shows several reunions of dogs seeing their owners again for the first time in far too long. You won’t be able to help but smile through the tears on these preciously cute dog videos. The excitement of these pups is so precious and heart-warming, and often ridiculously funny.

11. Cutest and Funniest Husky Compilation Video

If you need some more “aww” in your life, then this video is your go-to. These Huskies are beyond cute! Puppies in swings, puppies vocalizing, or playing with other dogs are all just too cute. You’ll see snow white howlers, talking dogs, Huskies with hiccups, and a puppy discovering the wonder of putting his head out the window of a car.

There’s a Husky with his head caught in a doggie door while his kitty buddy looks on, a slow-motion guzzle from a water bottle, the crazy trimming and bath times, and those adorable howling/talking puppies we’ve all come to love.

Squeaky puppies, full-grown dogs eating mango off the pits, and a mama dog who managed to escape the tumbling pile by getting up on the couch. There’s a Husky yearning to chase a duck but too afraid to go into the water to go after it until he finally just falls in. There are sleepy puppies begging for belly rubs and even some super
cute meal time clips.

If you love Huskies, you’re seriously going to adore this compilation.

The video plays for 12 minutes and 25 seconds.

12. Funny Corgi Compilation Video

If you want cute dog videos, you need to look for Corgi videos. We found this adorable compilation video of these cute dogs doing crazy, silly things. One Corgi tries to transfer from one swim floaty to another, while another little Corgi gets her head caught in a chip bag. And one Corgi makes a great tackler in a little game of football. Even bath times with these guys are the cutest thing ever.

Playtime, swimming time, running through the fields – it doesn’t matter. Corgis are just cute, no matter what they’re doing.

The video plays for 11 minutes and 17 seconds.

Kick Back And Relax

Dog in a grassy field

When you’ve had a long day, need a quick pick-me-up during the work day, or just want a giggle, cute animal videos can be some of the best things to do.

You can scroll through this list of cute and silly dog videos to watch a great selection of videos, or type in your own search terms on Youtube. Just be sure to turn on the volume so you can hear the adorable snuffles, barks, yips, growls, and barks of these furry critters we love so much.



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