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Training Your Dog Tips To Tame Your Dog

Tips and Training Your Dachshund

Training Your Dog Tips To Tame Your Dog

There are a number of different reasons to train dogs. You might decide to train your dog to protect your home or to hunt. Some are trained just for the pleasure of it. Dogs are well known for their ability and desire to please. This is why most breeds of dogs make wonderful pets. Hopefully, this article gives you the tools you need to train your dog.

A new dog needs to feel safe and happy in their crate during training. You should place the food bowl inside the crate and leave the door of the crate open while they eat their food. They will think of their crate as a happy place.

Crate training your new puppy is most effective when you take small steps. As soon as they start to feel comfortable in the crate when the door is open, try closing the gate and have them eat inside. Keep the gate closed for short periods of time, and work your way up to longer times. If your dog becomes restless, you may be ramping up too quickly.

Reprimands should be delivered quickly and in a sharp tone. Don’t drag on and rant how your dog is bad. Just tell them no, and point them in the desired direction. Also speak with authority so they understand you mean business.

Use positive reinforcement when training your dog. Sweet treats or gentle petting are great rewards when the dog is behaving properly. Do not shout or strike the dog. This is not a particularly effective form of training. Maintain a calm attitude anytime that your dog does wrong so that you can have a relationship o mutual respect with your dog.

There are many good reasons to train your dog. Since dogs are eager to please, most breeds are easy to train. If you put the information in this article to use, you will find training your dog to be easier than you thought.



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