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Lion and Cute Sausage Dog At Feeding Time

Cute and Funny Dachshund Videos

Lion and Cute Sausage Dog At Feeding Time

A sausage dog whose friendship with a lion made him an internet star is now showing he’s the boss. Milo the sausage dog and Bonedigger the lion became a You Tube hit after their bizarre bond was revealed. Now staff at GW Animal Park in Wynnewood, Oklahoma, revealed the tiny dog appears to be pride leader, and even chases pal Bonedigger to steal his food. Seven-year old Milo and five-year-old Bonedigger were filmed by an employee at feeding time, squabbling over some steak. At first Milo is seen patiently waiting beside the lion as Bonedigger tucks into his daily meal of raw steak. But when Bonedigger pauses to try to play with Milo, the little dog snaps at the 500lbs lion and and chases him away. After claiming the steak for himself, Milo grabs a piece and pulls it in into the den, so he can eat the lion’s share.



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