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How to Make a DIY Dog Rope Toy for Your Pet

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How to Make a DIY Dog Rope Toy for Your Pet

dogs playing diy dog rope toy

Every-now-and-then it's a good idea to go through all that stuff that collects in your dresser or in your closet, or underneath the guest bedroom bed where Nana stayed a couple years ago. This is the perfect time to sort through your socks. You know: those old holey socks and mismatched socks, solo socks balled up in the back of the dresser. They shouldn't go in the trash because they make a perfect DIY dog rope toy.

A DIY dog rope toy provides many hours of fun for you and your doggy-dog. These homemade toys are great for playing some fetch in the kitchen while your significant other yells at you for not cleaning the waffle iron before you jammed it back into the cupboard. You also have the option to use a DIY dog rope toy to play tug-of-war with your pup, getting your dog adorably hyper.

Upon hooking your canine buddy up with a DIY dog rope toy, be sure to initially watch how your dog handles the homemade dog toy. Many dogs grow silly with excited energy when they're given a DIY dog rope toy, and these dogs can go wild, aggressively chewing the brand-new toy that you made with love and your dog's happiness in mind. 

Some dogs just can't help themselves, and instead of just rocking out some tug-of-war or fetchy-fetch, some dogs just go for it and devour their DIY dog rope toy. You don't want your dog to eat his toy, and getting it lodged in your dog's throat could cause choking. So proceed with caution as you see how your dog reacts.

How to Make a DIY Dog Rope Toy

Be sure to take safety measures when playing with your dog and a new DIY dog rope toy. But also be sure to have a blast and really bond with man's best friend. Scratch that belly and give your pup a treat—have your dog shake your hand—but, before you and your dog can safely play with a DIY dog rope toy, you need to clean out your room and learn how to make a DIY dog rope toy with your worn out old socks instead of throwing them out.

Snake Rope Toy

The Snake Rope Toy is an all-time classic DIY dog rope toy. This is a good toy for yanking and chewing. The Snake Rope Toy will bring hours of delightful playtime to you and your dog. You will need a couple things before getting started.

You need:

  • A long sock (think thigh high or those old school basketball socks with the stripes on top)
  • Stuffing (this can be traditional stuffing or you can use other socks for stuffing)
  • An empty plastic water bottle


  1. Fill the primary sock with the stuffing. Make sure you stuff the sock about three quarters full
  2. Insert the empty water bottle into the unstuffed portion of the primary sock.
  3. Knot the primary sock directly above the stuffing.
  4. Tie as many knots needed to reach the end of the sock. Space the knots about one inch apart.
  5. Test this DIY dog rope toy with your uncle's dog out by the toolshed.

Knot Ball Sock Rope Toy

The Knot Ball Sock Rope Toy is one of the better DIY dog rope toys a responsible dog owner can make. This toy promises some serious playtime because, for dogs, playtime is serious. If your dog likes to chew and nip on things--crunch down on high heels with sparkles, or chomp away at your brother's Xbox controller, for example--than the Knot Ball Sock Rope Toy will give your fury friend something to really sink its teeth into.

You Need:

  • One XL long sock
  • Tennis ball


  1. Take the XL long sock and tie a knot at the toe end of the sock.
  2. Now put the tennis ball inside the sock.
  3. Tie more knots working your way up the sock, leaving one or two inches between each knot.
  4. You have the choice to either leave this DIY dog rope toy in a straight line or create a circular dog toy by tying both ends together.
  5. Don't let your dog share this toy with Trevor's dog that lives on the edge of the park.

Crinkle Rope Toy

I hope you still have socks left for another DIY dog rope toy. This one is super simple and will have you BOW-BOW-BOW, YIPPY-YO, YIPPY-YAYing during the two minutes it'll take you to make this toy. The Crinkle Rope Toy will make your dog behave like a playful pup who just ate the last of the steak leftovers.

You Need:

  • A thigh-high XL long song: the biggest sock you can find
  • An empty water bottle


  1. Take the longest sock you can find and tie two knots at the toe end of this sock.
  2. Put the empty water bottle into the sock. Make sure the bottle is uncapped for maximum effect.
  3. Take the end of the sock without a knot and tie a second knot.
  4. Surprise your happy dog with this DIY dog rope toy by sneaking it over by its food and leaving it there until your doggy notices. Then get the playtime rolling.

Knotted Rope Sock Toy

All You Need:

  • A long XL sock


  1. Pick an end of the sock and tie a knot there.
  2. Keep tying knots, spacing them about an inch apart, until you run out of sock room.
  3. Save this toy for your dog's Christmas present from you. He'll be super thrilled and you'll get hours of fun out of it.

More DIY Dog Rope Toys

By now, you have all kinds of DIY dog rope toys to entertain your dog. There still are more. So far, we've covered the rope toys made from old XL socks, water bottles, foot stench, and expert levels of serious knot tying. Socks aren't the only solution for a DIY dog rope toy, though; you can make dog rope toys with all kinds of materials. It's about putting your thinking cap on and being creative with your puppy's best interest guiding you on your way.

Flirt Pole

All dogs really get into chasing things like cars and people or tennis ball or a stick. A dog's enthusiasm toward the chase is the reason flirt poles just might be the perfect DIY dog rope toy. Playing nifty flirt pole games with your dog creates an enjoyable atmosphere for man (or woman) to bond with dog.

You Need:

  • A piece of scrap PVC piping (use a long stick or rod if you don't have the scrap pipe)
  • A bungee cord or rope (both can be found at your local hardware store)
  • A stuffed animal durable enough to last at least five minutes with your chew-chomping dog


  1. Thread the bungee or rope through the PVC. You can also use that big stick from the woods and tie the rope to the end of the stick.
  2. If using the PVC, be sure to knot it at one end so the rope or bungee will not fall off and choke out your dog.
  3. Take that stuffed animal you took from Jamal as he slept and tie it to the opposite end of the rope or bungee.
  4. Show your dog what chasing “prey” is all about. Grip that pipe or stick and dangle Jamal's teddy bear right in front of your dog, and when your dog goes to snatch that teddy bear, yank it away. 

Rope and Tennis Ball Toy

Playing toy-tug with your dog is minute-for-minute one of the most physically and mentally exhausting games there is for your dog. Most dogs already have a tug toy somewhere in the basement or out back by the broken swing set, but if your dog needs a tug toy, make a DIY dog rope toy for your dog ASAP!

You Need:

  • A piece of rope
  • A tennis ball


  1. To begin this dog toy making effort, cut or drill a hole into each side of the tennis ball. The holes must be big enough to pull that piece of rope through.
  2. Put the rope through the holes and center the tennis ball on the rope.
  3. Tie knots on each side of the tennis ball to keep it in place.
  4. You have the option of leaving the toy as-is or you can tug toy out with some knots fit for chewing.
  5. Get your dog super hyper by wiggling this toy in front of its teeth until he latches on. Now play tug-tug until one of you gets tired.

A Happy Dog

Regardless of what DIY dog rope toy you make with socks and ropes and tennis balls, your dog will have so much fun and get so much exercise just playing with the new rope toy. These provide perfect avenues to really bond with your pup. Get to know your dog. Play all day. Break for chow and then back to rope toy games. Your dog will never get angry at you again.



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