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The 10 Best Cute Girl Dog Names – Choose A Good One

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The 10 Best Cute Girl Dog Names – Choose A Good One

When it comes to naming your new dog, finding the perfect name can be a tricky thing. There are so many names floating around out there. Names of previous pets come to mind, names of favorite television characters, flowers, or even desserts might pop into mind.

You can, of course, go with any of these names. But if you’re looking for something a little creative, yet endearing, you might want to check out our list of the best cute girl dog names.

How to Choose the Right Name for Your Dog

Before you get started on choosing the right name for your new dog, you’ll want to think through some things. First, we’d like to suggest some things you shouldn’t do when naming your dog, and then, more importantly, things you should consider in a dog’s name.

What Not to Do When Naming Your Dog

dog staring

1. Avoid Similar Names

First off, it’s important to avoid names that sound too similar to other household names. If, for example, your husband’s name is Fred, you won’t want to call your dog Red, even if he’s got a great, curly red coat.

Names that are too similar to each other will confuse your dog and cause her to come running when you say the person’s name over her own.

2. Avoid Names that Sound Like Commands

Another thing you should avoid is confusing your dog with a name that sounds too much like a command. If you’re planning to teach your dog the basics like sit, stay, heel, and no, you’ll want to avoid names that sound like this.

That means you’ll want to skip Kit, Zoe, Shay, Flit, Flip, Grey, and others that are an exact rhyme or a close rhyme to the command.

3. Avoid Awkward or Overly Common Names

You should also remember that your dog’s name is going to be said in public. So you’re going to want to avoid any names that might be socially awkward, inappropriate around kids, or embarrassing. So, yeah, that means you probably don’t want to let your twelve-year-old boy with a fixation on potty humor have this naming task.

And while Fido and Rover are classic names, they should probably be avoided, since they’re going to be reasonably commonplace and there may be other dogs around the dog park with the same name.

4. Don’t Name Your Dog After a Friend or Family

While you might think you’re honoring a friend or family member by naming your dog after them, you might want to avoid doing so. Some people could find this offensive or awkward.

If you really want to honor that loved one, think of an alternative way to name your dog after him or her. For example, if your aunt Barbie is into knitting, you could name your little silver Morkie Needles. Or if your dad is a huge Star Wars fan, try naming your little pug Darth or Solo.

What to Do When You’re Naming Your Dog

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Now, let’s get into the fun stuff, and find great ways to name that dog you’re bringing home.

1. Choose an Easy-to-Say Name

All right, let’s get real. Awesome dog names aren’t always the simple to say names that we need them to be. Scheherazade, for example, is awesome. But it’s going to be too complicated and annoying trying to call out that name as you’re trying to get that Great Dane to come back from romping around the lake at your parent’s retirement village.

If you really love the name Remington Steele, you can always shorten his name to Remmie, and still keep the wonderful name but still make the name usable.

Instead, choose a two-syllable name that rolls off the tongue. Two-syllable names are more likely to be distinct from commands and are easy to say in rapid succession. One-syllable names can also be great, though you’re likely to add some extra syllables when you call him to come in from the backyard.

2. Think About Hard Consonants

Names with hard consonants are easier for dogs to hear and associate than names with only soft sounding consonants. Jake or Kory are more distinct and identifiable for your pooch than names like Hannah and Fifi.

It’s best to choose names that start with these hard consonant sounds to help ensure your dog hears the whole name and keeps his attention focused on you.

Hard consonants and consonant sounds include:

  • K
  • S
  • Sh
  • Ch
  • J
  • T

3. Think Through Your Favorite Characters in
Fiction and History

If you’re an avid reader, filmgoer, or television buff, you have a plethora of names to consider. Think through your list of favorite books, like maybe Alice in WonderlandAnne of Green GablesLittle WomenPeter Rabbit, or more contemporary choices like Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine.

If you love television, maybe your new pooch could be named from an old classic like I Love LucyBewitched, or I Dream of Jeannie. Or, you can go for current shows you love, like Doctor Who, Game of Thrones, or Outlander.

Pop-culture names are great options for distinct, approachable names for dogs that people can relate to and give an automatic connection for your friends with your dog.

4. Think About the Heritage of Your Dog

You can consider names that link to the heritage of your dog’s breed. If, for example, you’ve got a German Shepherd, you could go with a German-based name. Or your little poodle might make an adorable Esmée or Danielle.

5. Go with a New Name Like His Old Name

If you’re bringing an adult dog into your home who’s lived with a name for a while, you can change it, if you hate the old name. You’ll want to choose a new name that’s somewhat similar to the old name, however, to avoid confusing your dog too much.

The vowel sounds are the more important element in this renaming. If the dog used to be named Pinky, and you can change the name to something like Binky, Mikey, or something along those lines, but not Porky. Barney and Farley would work interchangeably as well, or Mary and Shery.

6. Pick a Name You Love

Finally, it’s important that no matter what name you choose, the name is one you love. You’re going to be using this name rather constantly for the next several years, so loving the name is pretty important.

The Most Popular Dog Names for Girls

pretty dog

Now, for the fun stuff. We’ve found some lists of the most popular cute girl dog names around. From the lists we looked at, these are the ten most popular cute girl dog names for 2018.

  • Bella – a French name meaning beautiful
  • Hashtag – presumably for the internet/social media craze of “hash-tagging” everything of interest online
  • Penny – often a shortened name for Penelope in people, this is usually the actual full name for dogs
  • Glorious – a great name for truly beautiful dogs
  • Opal – named for a beautiful precious, iridescent stone that comes in a variety of colors, usually white
  • Daisy – a cute name given from a common wildflower
  • Lucy – sometimes short for Lucia, an English name
  • Luna – associated with the moon, and most likely popular because of the Harry Potter book and film series
  • Lola – a spunky diminutive for Dolores
  • Willow – the name of a beautiful tree, and might be popular because of the Buffy the Vampire Slayer television series

Other Cute Girl Dog Names that Come Close

The lists we found had some other names that didn’t make it across all of the lists, but most of them are pretty cute, too.

  • Maggie – a diminutive of Margaret, meaning pearl
  • Molly – an Irish diminutive of Mary
  • Sadie – a cute name that rhymes easily with other words like “lady” for some fun wordplay
  • Coco – presumably a form of the word chocolate
  • Poppy – a type of brightly colored wildflower
  • Ruby – a precious, red gem
  • Won Ton – an Asian food
  • Queen – a popular name that depicts a royal sense of heritage or worth
  • Dingo – the literal name of the wild dog of Australia
  • Faye – a middle English name

Our Picks for the Top Cute Girl Dog Names

Not to be outdone by these other guys, we’ve mulled through hundreds of names and come up with our own top ten cute girl dog names you could consider for your new pup.

1. Gidget – a cross between girl and midget, from the classic film series of the same name

2. Ginger – a great name for a red-headed dog

3. Pandora – a classic name from old dark tales, and more recent mentions in shows like Doctor Who

4. Pumpkin – seriously, pretty much synonymous with “cutie pie”

5. Sandy – a throwback to an old musical, Annie

6. Aster – a beautiful flower – we’re picturing a little white terrier of some kind

7. Kimono – that beautiful Japanese attire

8. Lexi – a Greek name that literally means “Men’s defender”

9. Galaxy – a gorgeous name for a cute little black, silver, or otherwise “shiny” dog

10. Zelda – legendary

Get Out There and Name That Pooch

Dog and owner

You’ve seen the names. You’ve seen the suggestions on how to name your dog, and what not to do when working through the process. And now, you’re ready to go name your beautiful, fun, adorable puppy who’s anxiously wagging her tail, waiting for you to say your name.



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