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15 Cute Puppy Picture Collections to Fill Your Heart With Joy

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15 Cute Puppy Picture Collections to Fill Your Heart With Joy

Kissing an English bulldog puppies

Gentle kiss an English bulldog puppies

The funny and cute antics of puppies are relaxing, a balm at the end of a long day. Puppies of all shapes, breeds and sizes are shown doing what they are best at: being furry vessels of rainbows and sunshine. These cute puppy pictures capture the animals doing their furry best, even when that means just falling asleep on the floor. Even if you don’t have a pup of your own, if you have ever spent time around one, you recognize the unique energy they bring and the chaos they may create. Take a look at some of the finest examples of puppyhood ever captured on camera.

Bobble-Headed Pomeranian

Cute Pomeranian with a Bobble Head

Cute Pomeranian with a Bobble Head

This shaved Pomeranian has a perfectly coiffed head of hair. The pup’s shaved body makes its head look larger than ever, giving it a uniquely adorable bobblehead appearance. Pomeranians have a thick coat that is easy to shave into all kinds of unique configurations, and this one emphasizes the awkward but cute puppyish proportions. It’s often called the teddy bear cut due to the toy-like appearance it creates. This shorter cut also makes a messy pup easier to clean.

Confused Crowd


The Confused Crowd with A New Company

This puppies in this group have just had their first encounter with a fraud. The small toy resembles them, but it just doesn’t smell right. There’s something satisfying about watching a group of small dogs inspect an even smaller toy dog placed among them. The toy’s black and brown coloring matches the puppies perfectly, making it more convincing to unsuspecting puppies. One pup looks like it might soon pounce on the toy, just to see what happens. This playful crowd is getting a valuable learning experience!

Regal Chihuahua


The Regal and Elegant

This glamour shot focuses on a young-looking chihuahua reclining on a seat draped in embossed velvet. For many chihuahuas, a seat fit for a queen feels natural. This long-haired pup has gorgeous coloring, a reddish brown with black accents and a pale belly. The pup’s dainty little paws dangle off the edge of the chair, a little as a human child might do. The pup stares off into the distance with the large, distinctive chihuahua eyes, maybe recalling a past life as royalty. With its sparkling eyes and glossy coat perched on such a luxurious material, it’s not hard to imagine.

Doggy in Training


The Curious One in Training

This image speaks to a moment every dog owner recognizes. As you train your new best friend, he or she will often be tempted by food and water left accessible. The sweet pup in this picture, though, seems determined to sniff at the flowers instead of licking the teacup and knocking over the sugar jar. For the moment, the training wins. This puppy is showing true dedication.

Young Pup Relaxes With Minion


Relaxing with the Minions

This puppy is truly trying to find its way in the world. With eyes closed just like a newborn’s, it rests its head on the closest available surface: a yellow plastic toy. The pup is so young and so sleepy that it sticks a tongue out adorably. The tiny pink nose and tongue show just how new to the world this little creature is. Fans of the Despicable Me series will appreciate the minion toys placed around this pup.

The Bean Bag Toy


Cute Little Bean Bag

A white puppy of an unspecified breed is so small and fluffy it ends up looking a little like a stuffed toy. Its sweet face and round muzzle make this dog especially precious. The chubby face and tiny features all bring to mind a little toy dog, perhaps filled with beans. The pup’s white fur highlights the debris on its face and paws, stuck there from an exploration around the yard or park.

Sleeping French Bulldog


Asleep Little Thing

A white puppy of an unspecified breed is so small and fluffy it ends up looking a little like a stuffed toy. Its sweet face and round muzzle make this dog especially precious. The chubby face and tiny features all bring to mind a little toy dog, perhaps filled with beans. The pup’s white fur highlights the debris on its face and paws, stuck there from an exploration around the yard or park.

Renegade Puppy Trio


The Boys Are in Town

These three puppies look like they are hiding somewhere in a backyard. Luckily, someone was there to take their photo with a soft-focus that captures these fuzzy, impish faces and add another entry to the genre of cute puppy pictures. The metal canister and the piece of stray wood that the puppies perch on give the photo an adventurous, rustic quality, even as the bright rubber ball betrays their true location in a loving, comfortable home.



Enjoying the Greens

Twin fluffy white puppies are huddled together in this idyllic scene of tall grass and wildflowers. These adorable little pups look angelic and ethereal, highlighted by the sun and sitting among nature. The two look unusually calm and poised for a pair of puppies. The long white coats have a bit of curl to them, making these puppies look even daintier. The photo presents a peaceful image of life as a puppy, frolicking carefree in green fields with pup friends.

Puppy Training Class


Training in Session

This puppy is prepared for a long day of obstacle course training and probably obedience training as well. Its curious eyes and soft expression make it clear this puppy is still learning how to exist in the world, but the big tire right next to it shows that the pup is up for meeting challenges and learning how to obey commands. A much bigger dog looms in the background, showing that this puppy will grow up and become an agile adult dog, but for now, it is still a stout, thick-legged puppy.

Adorable Yawning Puppy


Cute Little Yawn

This picture is an excellent shot that captured the perfect moment in this puppy’s yawn. The short is close so that viewers can see all the fuzzy details of the pup’s cream-colored coat. It looks attentive, even as its mouth hangs open. The floppy ears and red collar make this a shining example of a puppy, like something seen in a cartoon. The small round body and short snout show how young this dog is, highlighting this moment in the dog’s development that lasts only a few short months. This particular breed will likely get much bigger than its size as a puppy.

Guilty Puppy Dog Eyes


The Eyes that Displays Guilt

This adorable pup has a worried look on its face. In the photo, it’s not clear if there’s a cause for the guilt, or if this puppy is just responding to its owners. The awkward leg position and the downturned face are classic tells of a guilty dog, so maybe this pup just got caught making its first big mess. Good luck to the white carpet that fills the background of this photograph. Puppies seems to discover new avenues for destruction every day! This face is a dead giveaway for when a pup knows it has done something against the rules.

Adventurous Russet Pup


Adventurous Pup

The rocky background makes this particular puppy look heroic. The reddish stone complements a shiny russet coat, and the ear tips curl over perfectly. The puppy’s big brown eyes and a shiny wet nose contrast with the stubby legs and rounded snout that betrays its age. The pup stares fearlessly into the camera, giving it a seemingly serious seeming personality. Even as puppies, dogs all show the distinct personalities that set them apart from each other.

Sleepy Puppy in Basket


The Basket Case

This sleepy, round-headed puppy is curled up in a vintage wooden box. Its black and white coat stands out from the warm brown of the basket, or box, it is in. The pup reaches a paw out toward the edge of the box and struggles to focus its half-closed eyes on something. This pup looks very young, something highlighted not just by its size but also by its tiny, kissable nose and flat snout.

Teacup Puppy


A Little Teacup, Short and Stout

This pup has an incredibly round head peeking out of that polka dot mug. With a sliver of pink tongue sticking out and two paws batting at the edge of the cup, this picture checks off several cuteness factors. The pup has adorable round markings right above its eyes serving as little eyebrows. This chubby puppy is too delightful for words!

The cute puppy pictures above show only a small fraction out of the cute and funny pup moments that happen every single day; they are just a slice of the bond between man and dog. Still, these moments are beautifully captured and recognizable to many pet owners. Taking your fur baby to dog training classes, carrying tiny pups around in a basket or having a small dog fall asleep moments after sitting down on your lap are all treasurable events in the life of a dog parent. Remember those moments you experienced with your pet, or look forward to them as you anticipate adopting a puppy. Even if you don’t currently have room in your life for a puppy or dog, you can experience special moments with them secondhand, through videos and pictures.




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