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The Top 13 Cutest Dog Breeds From All Around The World

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The Top 13 Cutest Dog Breeds From All Around The World

If you’re looking for cuteness, you’ve come to the right place. We’re all about dogs here, and finding the cutest dog breeds is our mission today. And the list we’ve compiled is just drenched in delight. Take a gander at the breeds, and check out the links where you’ll see the cutest dogs ever. Ever.

Check them out for yourself, and see which cuddly canine breed might be perfect for your family.

Our Picks for Cute Dog Breeds

Between cuddly toy breeds, mid-sized lap dogs, and cute larger dogs who won’t let you down, you’ll love the looks, the personality, and the warmth of these ridiculously darling pack of pooches.

1. Bichon Frise

Bichon Frise

If you love a fluffball pup, you’re in luck with these cuties. I mean, their name translates from French as “fluffy white dog,” or “curly lap dog,” depending on who you ask.

Better yet, these puffballs are super friendly little comedians with the adorableness of personality to match their cuddly looks. They love being the center of attention, and making friends! And, they actually make decent watchdogs for those looking for an alarm at the possibility of a “new friend” coming in uninvited.

All-in-all, the Bichon Frise is the utter definition of adorable.

2. Chihuahua/Pomeranian Mix or Pomchi


Oh, my goodness. If you want cuddly, soft, playful, ridiculous, and precious in a pup, you’ve got to play with this breed. They have all the great aspects of both dog breeds, including all the aesthetic cuteness and the fun, high energy, and the sweetness of a true best friend.

These pups are incredibly affectionate, super playful, and unendingly loyal. They will be your best friend from the moment you bring them home to the day they leave this earth. And they won’t ever let you forget how much you’re loved.

3. Maltese/Yorkie Mix or Morkie


If you want a tiny, lightweight toy dog with the personality that epitomizes the playfulness, loyalty and happiness of a dog, the Morkie is your go-to. These little balls of fuzz and fluff are unendingly friendly, attentive, and playful. They live to be near you, and long only for your attention and love.

Just be careful when you go out on walks – these little guys are extremely high energy and will play with everyone and everything that comes across their path, whether giant human or giant dog.

4. Papillon


The Papillon, also known as Continental Toy Spaniel, enormously adorable, perky, long-haired ears that draw all the attention.

These curious, attentive dogs are playful, work well with other animals, including cats, and love a good cuddle. They’re easy to train, and tons of fun to play with and just hang around with. So, if you want the epitome of cute, the “butterfly dog” is a great cuddler to go with.

5. Teacup Poodle


Fuzzy, curly-haired creatures, teacup poodles are the smallest variety of this adorable designer breed of cute dogs. They’re under 9 inches tall when they’re full-sized, and weigh less than six pounds – which is smaller than most small cats.

Teacup poodles are remarkably intelligent, like all poodles, and make for great little companions who love to tease and amuse their owners and each other. They’re a very keen breed, and need lots of intelligent activity and exercise to get out their high energy levels. And they’re generally good with other pets.

6. Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

If you remember this name of dog breed, it might be because the former Queen of England, Elizabeth II, has always had this charming breed around. These short-legged pups are friendly, fiercely loyal, and totally fun to be around. They’re bold, out-going, incredibly social, and very intelligent and alert.

All of these things make this one of the best cute dog breeds to bring home for a companion, whether you’ve got kids or live alone.

7. Beagles


If you ask the AKC, beagles are a merry, curious, and friendly breed, and we couldn’t agree more. They’re also just about the cutest dog breed you can find anywhere. They’re very playful, love people, and have a happy-go-lucky attitude that make them ideal as pets for kids. They’re also great hunting dogs, and very clever.

And these pups have that famous pleading puppy-dog eye, so watch your snack times. These friendly lovers will get you every time.

8. Australian Shepherds

australian shepherds

Beauty and brains are found in these beautiful pups, one of the cutest dog breeds that made it onto our list. Australian shepherds, or Aussies, are absolutely gorgeous, and have the sweetest, cutest faces. And, they’ve also got the intelligence to outrank a ton of other breeds. They learn quickly, love to play, and make fantastic companions whether in a modest home or sprawling estate.

And the puppies! These little guys are the just about the cutest you’ll ever see anywhere. Their short, stocky builds later become graceful forms in these medium dogs, and the cuteness as they grow is almost unbearable.

9. Border Collie

border collie

Since the days of Lassie, the classic television show, the popularity of this fluffy dog breed has gone up.

These beautiful creatures are intelligent, funny, and oh, so friendly. They’re incredibly affection, smart, a bit sassy, and remarkably energetic without being obnoxious. They’re hard workers, too, which is one of the main reasons this herding breed is so popular among farmers in particular.

Border collies are also highly athletic and love to run, so if you’re a jogger, and you’d like a running buddy, you’ll definitely want to consider this charming breed.

10. Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever

One of America’s most popular breeds of all time, the golden retriever deserves a high ranking on this list. They’re sweet faces, soft fur, and completely wonderful personalities give the full package for cuteness.

Golden retrievers are highly loyal, intelligent, make great watchdogs, and are energetic enough to make great running buddies, since they’re also large enough to keep up with a human for more than a few blocks.

Golden retrievers are also known as great lovers, which only ups the cuteness factor for us. They want to be loved, they need to be able to love you. You can’t get better than that.

11. Dachshund


Whether wire-haired, short-haired, long-haired, or mixed with another breed, dachshunds are one of the top choices in our book for cute dog breeds. These funny, adventurous, and playful dogs have that pleading “puppy-dog” eye down pat, and can be incredibly stubborn. And while that can be annoying at times, it’s also totally cute in many circumstances.

And if you can’t find your pup sometimes, it’s because dachshunds love burrowing under blankets and clothes.

12. Basenji


These beautiful, African descent dogs are a combination of elegance and cuteness that we just can’t get over.

Their tightly curled little tails, regal necks, and slick short hair make them dazzling to observe, while their alert, curious energy makes them fun to be around. And cuter yet, these guys often sit on their hind ends like meerkats when they get super curious about something. How cute it that?

These pups can be reserved with strangers, or in new circumstances that are completely unfamiliar with. And they tend to get highly attached to a single human. This breed is a great option for anyone who lives alone without other pets, and wants a real companion dog.

13. Shar-Pei


I mean, seriously, have you seen these wrinkled-up balls of adorableness? Shar-Peis are absolutely some of the cutest mid-sized dogs around. Well, they’re not really “around” as much as we would like. These sweet, coarse furred pups were ranked the world’s rarest dog breed by both the Guinness World Records and Time Magazine back in 1978, and that ranking hasn’t come up much, though it depends on whose list you check, of course.

Nonetheless, these wrinkled cuddle balls are absolutely adorable, and definitely belong on the cutest dog breeds list we’ve got here.

Finding Your Cutest Dog to Bring Home

Alright, you’ve got the list. You’ve clicked through to links and seen the pics. You’ve learned all about these adorable pooches who make great pets, and give endless entertainment to anyone who knows them.

But before you decide which breed you’d like to bring home, check out some more information, learn things about their potential health issues, and how well a given breed might do in your size home, with your kids, or your other pets.

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