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Cute Boy Dog Names: Our Top 13 Picks


Cute Boy Dog Names: Our Top 13 Picks

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Names are incredibly influential. In fact, they can be more influential than we actually think.

A person’s name can determine the stereotype they’re associated with, which can influence so many aspects of our life: our
careers, love life and overall success, just to name a few.

Unless, of course, you’ve deprogrammed yourself from caring about societal influences and labels. In that case, we bow down.

For the majority of us, stereotypes, names have a significant influence on the way we live our lives.

But what about pets?

Obviously, pets don’t care about their names — I mean, how could they?

In that case, why does it matter if your dog receives a name at all? Call it Poopster or Rover and get on with life, right?

The truth is, this stereotype behavior is passed along to how we view animals as well. Pet names are important because our pet is important. So whatever we call our dog or cat should be just as special as they are to us.

If you’re looking for cute boy dog names, we have you covered.

In this article, we outline a few ideas for you to choose from to help this sometimes difficult decision, a bit easier.

While we’ve outlined the top 13 cute boy dog names, we’ve also offered some other ideas, just in case your new buddy’s personality shines through!

​Naming Your Dog: Prep Work

two person holding dogs

While naming a dog may seem simple, once you get brainstorming, you realize how complex it is.

Yes, sometimes the perfect name just comes to people upon meeting the furball. More often than not, picking the perfect name takes quite a bit of research and mulling over.

You may have a name in mind that’s perfect to you, however, the moment you suggest it to the family, it’s immediately thrown off the potential name pile.

Other times, you may not have a single idea, making the task seem that much more daunting.

That’s why we’re here.

If you’re looking for a cute boy dog name for your little fluff ball of love and joy, we’ve gone through thousands of names and pulled out the cutest and most unique choices for you to choose from.

We’ve also included meanings to the name to help you develop a deeper connection to the name, and therefore to your beloved pooch.

Before we get into the list, it’s important to keep a few things in mind in order to choose the best name for your beloved pooch

The Best Names For A Dog

five white baby puppies in brown basket

While the best name for a dog is based on personal opinion, there are a few pointers to keep in mind to ensure it’s the perfect name.

Here are a few general rules you should always follow when choosing the perfect name for your dog:

  1. Choose a name that has two syllables or less. There’s proof that dogs are more attentive to shorter names and therefore, will be easier to train with.
  2. Avoid naming your dog something that rhymes or sounds like a command. For instance, the name Kit could be mistaken for “sit.” Also, the name “Beau” may sound like the command, “no.” While this could end in some endearing moments, the endearment many only last so long.
  3. Avoid popular names. Why? Well, imagine the horror of letting your dog off the leash at the park, only to realize the majority of the other dogs are named Rover as well. An hour at the dog park has suddenly become an afternoon relay race.
  4. Make sure the whole family is on board with the name.
  5. Don’t use any derogatory names. As funny as it may seem to call your dog Stinker, you may actually begin treating the dog with less respect than it deserves.

First off, short names are easier to use as a command and less of a hassle calling out. It’s easier for dogs to remember and become attentive to as well.

If you do give your dog a long name, chances are you’ll eventually end up shortening the name anyways.

In terms of avoiding popular names, not only does it dodge any confusion, but it also will help you see your dog as the unique creature it is as well.

Make sure you try to get the whole family involved in the name choosing process. While it may be difficult getting everyone together, and the process may take longer, it will likely end up being a fun, bonding experience for the whole family.

Getting the name chosen before the new addition arrives is a great way to set the experience off on the right foot: everyone is invested, involved and ready for the new pooch!

Different Names For Dogs

If you’re looking for a name that’s cute but has a famous touch to it, look up some of your favorite movies and check the names on the cast list.

It really depends on what type of dog you have, and who you adopt. While the dog will fit into the name eventually, it’s a lot better if the name fits the dog first.

You can also put your own touch on it as well. If you’re an artist, why not name it Pablo or Dali? If you’re into rock music, try naming your fur baby, Zeppelin.

The first list we have includes a lot of one-syllable dog names such as Jax, Monk, and Benz. However, we’ve tried to find more unique names to avoid any confusion at the dog park and to help develop a  personalized feel.

​Cute Boy Dog Names: Two Lists

two cute boy dogs sleeping

These names are popular baby boy names, but let’s be honest. Your pup is your new baby boy.

Baby boy names are a great choice since they usually come with powerful or historical meanings as well, giving your dog even more personality and charm.

We’ve only listed the names here, however, you’ll be able to find name meanings by typing your favorite name into Behind the Name.

Here are some of our favorites:

  • Aiden
  • Caleb
  • Carter
  • Jackson
  • Chase
  • Dylan
  • Mason
  • Logan
  • Jason
  • Levi
  • Luke
  • Noah
  • Oli
  • Seb

If none of these work for you, we have compiled a best-of list with the cutest cute boy dog names you’ll find on the internet.

We’ve also included the meanings to help you develop a deeper feeling for the name, which can help you determine if it’s the right one for your little guy.

  1. Cosette:  This name means, “little thing” which is an adorable name for a puppy and also has a cool sound to it as well.
  2. Crave:  Great name for a dog that’s well-loved.
  3. Bumper:  This name means someone or some dog that’s exceptionally successful or large.
  4. Buzz:  Similar to Buzz from A Toy Story, this is a great name for a little hero.
  5. Autumn: Like the season, this is a great name for an auburn colored dog.
  6. Boo:  This is one of our favorite cute boy names as it’s a common word or name of endearment. Also a good choice for a white colored dog due to its association with ghosts.
  7. Avalon: While this name sounds feminine, it can be used as a unique boy name as well. Historically, this is the place where King Arthur was conveyed after his death.
  8. Booger: While we mentioned you shouldn’t name your dog anything derogatory or offensive, Booger is totally an exception as it’s a common term of endearment.
  9. Aja: In Hebrew, this name means, “little goat.”
  10. Abilene: This is a unique and beautiful sounding name, and great for a larger dog since it’s the name of a town in Texas.
  11. Adze:  Do dogs smooth life out for you when it’s rough? This is a unique name that is actually a tool used to smooth rough wood. It’s unique with an attached metaphor. 
  12. Bootsy: A cute cat name that can work wonderfully for a unique and cute dog name.
  13. Ambrose:  This is a Greek name meaning divine.

​Cute Boy Dog Names: Final

two white cute puppies kissing

​No matter what type of dog you get, the name has to fit.

As we’ve learned, there’s much more thought that needs to go into a name besides cuteness or general likeability.

It needs to be short enough for the dog to recognize, have meaning behind it to help you bond with the dog, and give it the respect it needs. It should be unique to avoid any confusion with other same-named dogs.

Remember, your dog is your new family member. While choosing a name can sometimes be intimidating, above all, it should be exciting!



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